Modular Systems Solutions and Projects

We are sharing our experience in medical storage and transportation with you. Also, we are serving you to determine your needs in this field. We are able to use all kinds of materials in storing and transporting. Such as; Stainless steel, compact laminate HPL, Epoxy powder painted steel, Wooden, Antibacterial, Cupper + etc.

We know very well what hygiene means for you, so we are trying to approach all the projects with the same sensitivity as you.

Central Sterilization Systems

The most important things for sterilization centers are speed, planning, and hygiene. We would like to help you to design these products together. We are at your service to provide you solutions for any kind of products that you need for your Semi-Sterile, Sterile and Fully Sterile fields.

Medical Gas Systems

We are ready to serve you in the projects for medical gas system with our technical service team. We are designing your projects in international standards. We are providing installation and maintenance for Oxygen-O2, Medical Air-MA4, Surgical Air-SA7, Nitrogen-N2, Nitrousoxide-N2O, AGSS, Carbondioxide-CO2 and Vacuum-VAC systems. We are also providing installation for all cupper piping, control units, bedhead units, and ceiling arms with our technical service team as well. In addition to medical gas systems, we are in your service in industrial plants to help you all kind of installation and maintenance for Hydrogen, Acetylene, Argon etc.

Dental Liquid Waste Management

Because of suction units and wastes generated from the unit sinks Dental Hospitals and Clinics causes hazardous wastes. Therefore, we have developed a patented system as a solution of filtration and disinfection hazardous wastes. Especially these mercury-Hg and heavy metal-containing wastes are very dangerous to the environment. The separation of these wastes, we are recommending you to use ROYFEKT system.